Welcome to Flask-Slack’s documentation!

Flask-Slack is a Flask extension which makes it easy to interact with Slack slash commands.


You can register your Slack slash command to a method as follows.

from flask_slack import Slack

slack = Slack(app)

@slack.command('your_command', token='your_token',
               team_id='your_team_id', methods=['POST'])
def your_method(**kwargs):
    text = kwargs.get('text')
    return slack.response(text)

All registered methods are dispatched through slack.dispatch method. You can connect it to an endpoint which you wish Slack robots to request with.

app.add_url_rule('/', view_func=slack.dispatch)


You can install Flask-Slack with pip:

$ pip install flask-slack

Or, with setuptools easy_install in case you didn’t have pip:

$ easy_install flask-slack

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